4th of July Community Events for 2019


This is a team competition consisting of four members per team in two weight classes. Entry fee is $50 per team. Team members can be male, female or a combination. The two weight classes are a combined total weight of the team members: - Up to 600 lbs - Up to 800 lbs The competition will commence with the command from the judge ‘Pick up the rope’, thereupon the two teams move back until the rope is taught and the judge centers the rope on the central marker. The teams plant their feet on the ground for a firm hold and then lean back on the rope. When the teams are balanced, the judge gives the command ‘Pull’ whereupon the two teams pull with all their strength. The object is to pull with nearly straight arms and legs from as low a position as possible with all members of the team in unison. The competition will end when one of the two markers on the rope crosses the center line and called by the judge. The competition will be double elimination with the ultimate winner taking home the prize. The prize is 50% of the entry fees in each division, with a max payout of $500. 

Tug-of-War Rules 
1. Teams will consist of four members. 
2. No spiked footwear. Tennis shoes must be worn.
3. No gloves allowed. 
4. No hand over hand pulling. Team members must move back with the rope. 
5. The Anchor may put the rope around their back and one time crossed over the shoulder, or wrap once around waist and one time over the rope. No knots allowed anywhere on rope. 
6. All team members must remain on their feet. No hands are allowed on the ground to assist in pulling. 
7. Once teams pick up the rope and the teams are balanced, the judge will then give the command ‘Pull’. 
8. Fouls: 2 cautions = 1 foul, 3 cautions= team is disqualified, 2 fouls= team is disqualified 
A. If a member of the team falls down that member is given a caution. 
B. If a member of the team touches the ground that member is given a caution. 
C. Lowering your elbow below the knee level while pulling is called “locking” and considered a foul.

Tug-of-War Registration Form